Appengine docs standard python search results

appengine docs standard python search results

Google App Engine Python Standard Environment Documentation. The App Engine standard environment makes it easy to build and deploy an application that.
A Python Search API used by app developers. A cursor returned in a previous set of search results to use as a starting point to retrieve the next set of results. Returns DeleteResult list corresponding to Documents deleted.
Google App Engine ; Product Overview; Python Standard .. Control how many documents are returned in the search results. Specify By default, the Search API automatically generates a doc_id when a document is created.

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The Search API provides two special functions that can be used for queries involving geopoint fields: These functions can be used to construct queries that retrieve locations relative to a constant position. The query string "red small" does not contain the boolean AND even though it's implied , so search will attempt to find matching atom fields. Queries on geopoint fields.. You can specify a more complex global search by using the boolean operator NOT before a value, and the operators AND and OR between values. Documents and indexes are saved in a separate persistent store. Returns true if facet disocery is on. There are two kinds of cursors, per-query and per-result. Returns The number of documents found.

An example of a request for a facet only with name:. The result is a list of documents that do not have any fields that match the query value, according to the same rules. The Index class provides arguments to construct an index as well as functions allowing you to add, list, search, and delete documents or an iterable collection of documents within the index. Returns the angle from a reference meridian to another meridian. Returns The list of numeric sort scores. It's recommended to write field values in lower case, because searches on atom, text, and HTML fields are case insensitive, and a query string can also contain the boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT, which are recognized by writing them in upper case, appengine docs standard python search results. Returns the code of the language the content in value is written in. A field can contain only one value, which must match the field's type. For instance, you could insure that all documents with the same set of fields are kept in their own index. A global search uses a query string that contains only field values: A field search uses a query string that contains one or more expressions specifying field names and field values: This document describes how to construct query strings for global and field article india news hindu worship your manhood leader togadia, and how the search logic works in each case. Returns The results cursor. These whitespace characters always break words into tokens: space, carriage return, line feed, horizontal tab, vertical tab, form feed, and NULL. Atom fields are not tokenized. If a boolean operator appears within a quoted. Matching values can appear in any order in the same text or HTML field. Returns the appengine docs standard python search results mapping field names to list of types supported. Contains API classes that forward to apiproxy. The class includes a.

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There are two kinds of cursors, per-query and per-result. Only Python "naive" date or datetime values may be used not "aware" values. Delete the documents for the given IDs. If a decimal point appears between digits, this is part of a number i.

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Shangri rasa resort hotel kota kinabalu Options include the ability to sort results, control which document fields. A query is a boolean expression containing terms. Assigns a document score based on term frequency. Here are some field query strings for different types of fields:. When false, returns a single cursor for all of SearchResults. The equality operator, represented by either a colon or the equals sign, can be used for all field types.
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