Asian guys that long pinkie fingernail

asian guys that long pinkie fingernail

I personally think it's gross, but a lot of the Chinese girls I talk to think so as well.
I have heard that about like a single hair growing out of their neck or something I have seen old asian men with 1 single hair growing out of a.
Two things or rather habits you find among Asian males which I find quite that long, so the men grow the pinky nails long to reach that goal..

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However, more often than not, the people I see with long fingernails especially in China are those of a lower class, such a taxi drivers. The be-taloned understood my words but seemed unsure that I really asked what I just did. If your post does not show up, please message the mods. But once in a while something comes up that rattles everything. I always thought it was a musician thing. Do not create alt accounts for the purpose of attacking another user.

From my perspective, I just questioned their hygiene. It is amazing the extents our species will endure for fashion and a feeling of status. My understanding was that the the long fingernail was used for snorting coke. Asian men with long fingernails: why? Proudly powered by WordPress. Originally Posted by pokerhitman. Realistically this is a slight misunderstanding of correlation and causation. Ghost Cities of China. So I had ano. When linking to news articles, please use the original title, or a straightforward and accurate one of your. Princeton University Files Suit to Block Release of Admissions Files. It's my understanding that it is a rather old thing that stems from a desire to indicate that one does not do manual labor for a living, indicating higher status. I actually googled this because, well, I wanted to know. The best they had was a goatie. I, as well, was perplexed by those long fingernails shop type face mocha rose stain are often dirty seen on young Asian males, until it was explained to me by a young Indian male with red, asian guys that long pinkie fingernail teeth who sported three on his left hand: one was for picking his teeth, another for picking his nose, and the third for picking his arse.

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And given that I had one, you know it had nothing to do with class. What is interesting about the long fingernail style is that it costs nothing, and many men seem to be sporting it regardless of class. Add pokerhitman to Rail Reply. Growing up, I noticed taiwanese family friends doing that.