Care animal poison control

care animal poison control

Pet Poison Helpline is a animal poison control service available (DACVIM), emergency and critical care (DACVECC), and toxicology (DABVT, DABT).
Poison Control for Dogs, Cats. By Alex Molldrem, DVM. When a pet is poisoned, quick and appropriate action is vital to your pet's outcome. But do you know.
Home > Emergency Care > Animal Poison Control If you know or suspect that your pet has eaten something poisonous, call a dedicated animal poison control...

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The most common toxins cats and dogs ingest include: Gather all the information you can on whatever it is you believe your pet may have ingested. Call your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline immediately.

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  • How You Can Help Ways to Give. Busted: Internet Myths and Rumors Part II. Wait for poison control to advise you.
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These Plants Could Kill Your Pet!

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ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. Bookmark, share and help further build our directory of Animal Rescue Hotlines and let's be prepared to help animals today!

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Only Show Plants Toxic To:. Stay Up to Date. This article has great information and is very helpful, I just wanted to let you know about that number in particular. Protection For Your Pet. The ASPCA-APCC has produced a helpful smartphone app available on both iOS and Android platforms and also maintains a great online database of plants and flowers that are toxic to animals — complete with pictures and descriptions of the problems they cause. Not only do we manage cat poisonings and dog poisonings, we also assist in the treatment of avian, small mammals, large animal and exotic species on a per incident fee basis. If you know or suspect that your pet has eaten something poisonous, call a dedicated animal poison control hotline right away.