Cashless society slavery

cashless society slavery

Interview: Tim Cook says Apple's aim is a cashless society ; working to boost the role hopes that Apple Pay will help to bring about a cashless society. . 16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave.
During an interview John Sneisen conducted with Patrick Wood, author of the book 'Technocracy Rising', the.
The abolition of cash will create nations of medieval wage slaves Didn't file In a cashless society, your life would be over until such time as.

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Replacing the US in offshore cash transactions would create substantial demand for the Chinese yuan, at that stage without any real competition from other major economies as presumably none would be using paper. Were not these two men strong supporters of a British Empire and its warmongering ideas and motivations. When Art Makes Fun of the PC Culture Crap, You Know Democrats Ove... This Week's Most Popular Stories.

But the gold itself seldom moves. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. There was never any evidence that guns were the primary focus of Operation Choke Point, but the outrage continued, fueled by an alarming number of cashless society slavery of firearms vendors being cut off by credit-card companies or suddenly having their bank accounts closed. An investigation into a term that seems to perfectly capture the indignities and absurdities of the modern economy. A towering game of Jenga stacked the illusion of wealth to low Earth orbit. Gold changes it all. Fire in the Sky. We are not calling for lawlessness. Government in Brussels is unlikely to yield power and their line of thinking cannot lead to any solution, cashless society slavery. Micromanagement of every single detail of our economic lives thus seems to be inevitable. And the system totally collapses into chaos. The entire economic system becomes simplified, as the only currency available for everyone by using a currency card or smart phone. Refuse their money and trade with alternatives. The Khazarians own the world. One obvious sign of currency failure is when it is no longer usable as a medium homes sale list pensacola city detailed exchange or a store of value. Breaking news from Cupertino. The only one-way out left, is diversification into hard assets such as precious metals and real estate. At the time, the need for consumer protection was painfully obvious, but payday lending was and is still legal. You obviously have not been looking very hard as there are lots of places on the planet to escape the insanity and live in peace.

A Total Meltdown Of The Current Financial System Is Certain. By Gregory Mannarino

Cashless society slavery -- travel easy

The Financial Times argued last year that central banks would be the real winners from a cashless society:. Bartering will become the alternative, whether legal or not, meanwhile virtually all other transactions are centrally controlled and audited. The idea is: Having or having not money dictates where you live, what you eat, whether you eat, where you work, whether you work, if you life or die, including almost every life-choice imaginable. That is not a consideration.