Confluence display authentication configuration

confluence display authentication configuration

When you configure Trusted Applications authentication, you are allowing a Confluence administrator to configure Trusted Applications authentication for an The outgoing authentication page will show, with the 'Trusted Applications' tab.
A user has to authenticate on the remote application when first requesting restricted resources there (subsequent requests use the same token.
For example, you could set up an application link between Confluence and an iGoogle page using OAuth authentication. This would allow you to view data from.

Confluence display authentication configuration tri

Cache Performance Tuning for Specific Problems. Using Drag-and-Drop in Confluence. Viewing and Editing License Details. Make sure that that the authentication matches for the local and remote ends of both the incoming and outgoing directions. Configuring an SSL Connection to Active Directory.

confluence display authentication configuration

Changing the User for the Crowd Windows Love articles power pheromones aphrodisiacs. Installing the Crowd Apache Connector on Windows. Remote Issue Links Field Guide, confluence display authentication configuration. Allowing users to create issues anonymously. Configuring Time and Date Formats. Thanks for calling that out Bill Bailey. Implementation Option C - Example Metadata. Enabling Detailed SQL Logging. Recently Created Issues Report. Commenting on pages and blog posts. They can be enabled and disabled with a property, so even when defined they can be globally activated or deactivated without editing this file. Read the following topics for information on how to configure authentication for an application link: If you configure Trusted Applications authentication i. Configuring Secure Administrator Sessions. Page: Enabling Guest Login. Identifying Slow Performing Macros. Viewing a Page's Restrictions. Simple Issue Tracking project. Viewing the Bamboo Builds related to an Issue. Configuring a Server for Outgoing Mail.

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  • See the Application links version matrix. Used when a netid or email headers are not available should Shibboleth authentication fall back to using Tomcat's remote user feature?
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Adding Project Links between Applications. With the setting off, users will be required to register and login with their email address. Cache Performance Tuning for Specific Problems. There are also a number of practical reasons why we do not support deploying multiple Atlassian applications in a single Tomcat container. Applying a Theme to a Space..

Confluence display authentication configuration flying cheap

Click the pencil icon on the right to edit the configuration for the link you are updating. Add-on loading strategies in Confluence. Each time a user authenticates they are automatically placed within the pre-defined DSpace group, so if the user loses their affiliation then the next time they login they will no longer be in the group. Installing JIRA on Windows.. Editing an Office Presentation from Confluence. Atlassian OAuth with impersonation makes it easy for your users to benefit from the deep integrations between Atlasssian applications:.