Content bmji rapid responses

content bmji rapid responses

Although a selection of rapid responses will be included online and in print as readers' letters, their first . (http://www. content bmj 2. ‎ All rapid responses · ‎ Previously · ‎ Pages.
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This site uses cookies. Find out more here. Where I Agree with Pitcher and Spiller:. It is superior to CT in evaluating the female urogenital tract in adolescent females in whom lower abdominal pain is a frequent diagnostic conundrum and transvaginal US is not usually performed.

As regards the suggestion that training in pump skills might not have been sufficient, we reported in our discussion that the centres participating in the trial were experienced pump centres whose educators were confident that the necessary skills of pump management were provided to pump participants. Blundell PDM, Wolff Content bmji rapid responses. I would also list the people who I had explained the meaning of my ADRT to as a section of my ADRT. Privacy and Cookie Policy. Perceptions of the term palliative care. The growing problem of co-treatment with opioids and benzodiazepines. Add article to BMJ Portfolio. NOTE: We only request your email address so that the person you are recommending the page to knows that you wanted them to see it, and that it is not junk mail. This differential diagnosis should be considered in this case. The approach outlined in the article by Murray et al has a wide relevance and not just for healthcare professionals but also encouraging such discussions with friends and family. We also explained that we excluded patients who met NICE criteria because the case for pumps CSII in that group is not in doubt. Research At a glance. What might in my opinion be sufficient to defensibly guide justify following the recommendation on the form such a clinician, would be if the form included a section along the lines of: 'We the undersigned, have discussed the patient's best-interests, and we all consider that the recommendation s on this form are in the patient's best interests, We confirm that to the best of our knowledge, no person who could make an adequately-informed decision about the patient's best interests, disagrees with what best compliments girl wants hear recorded decision'. A response from the REPOSE Study Group, content bmji rapid responses. I also dislike contemporary 'DNACPR forms' but I want them to be replaced by Advance Decisions which refuse CPR. State of the art. Education At a glance. The corresponding author of every article in The BMJ receives an automated email when the paper is published online, content bmji rapid responses, and an automated reminder whenever a rapid response is posted to the article on Given that authors have an academic duty to respond to substantive criticism of their work, The BMJ expects authors to post their own rapid responses on in reply to any such substantive commentsand editors may send reminders about. Chiropractic manipulations for neck pain may lead to cervical cord or south africa pretoria defaultaspx lesions.

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This has been validated in combination with other clinical scoring systems and serological markers. Colquitt JL , Green C, Sidhu MK, Hartwell D, Waugh N. Karaca-Mandic Pinar , Meara Ellen , Morden Nancy E.

content bmji rapid responses