Content bmji submit rapid response

content bmji submit rapid response

Skip to main content Please submit letters to the editor as rapid responses. issue of The BMJ and on have arrived initially as rapid responses.
Please ensure that anything you submit to The BMJ conforms to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors Recommendations for the Conduct.
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Outline your idea, the type of article you want to write, what you qualifications have and those that any co-authors may have , and how you can be contacted. A short vignette should accompany the image and there should be one question relevant to the image and diagnosis. Thus their advice would only pick up those who are overweight or obese AND have high waist circumference, not those with normal weight central obesity. During the process of manuscript review the following people may also have access to manuscripts: Every research article published in The BMJ is immediately accessible on to everyone, at no charge. Help for visitors to Take a look online, perhaps on a general search engine such as Google , or medical search engine such as Pubmed and get an idea about what has already been written on the topic you hope to write about. These and other reporting guidelines are collected together in one place: the website of the EQUATOR Network. We do not set fixed limits for the length of the long version of The BMJ 's research articles, and we can be flexible about this.
content bmji submit rapid response

Besides, the effect size, which is important in deciding whether a treatment should be used or not, is highly dependable on the methods of the study. The person who has most influenced me. A medical classic or personal view for The BMJ. What appeared at the end of the article in the contributorship statement:. In addition, there is no loss of follow-up in such a large sample size? Please also ensure that the following sentence is included in your text: 'We attest that we have obtained appropriate permissions and paid any required fees for use of copyright protected materials. Health in South Asia. Hamer M, O'Donovan G, Stensel D, Stamatakis E: Normal-Weight Central Obesity and Risk for Mortality. Please note that BMJ Open authors are asked to pay article processing charges on acceptance. Wise J: Piece of string can assess cardiovascular risk, study finds. Firstly, how escort ibiza drag yarisi manisa bornova authors perform follow-up, content bmji submit rapid response, by coming to visit, making telephone, and online contact or other? We are thus ensuring a daily flow of topical content, including up to content bmji submit rapid response research, while also providing in the print issue a weekly selection for those readers who prefer to have their content neatly packaged. Usually it is down to newly qualified doctors to come up with an idea. Research At a glance.

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Thank you for considering The BMJ as the right place for your work. This network seeks to improve the quality of scientific publications by promoting transparent and accurate reporting of health research. Some medical journals are developing online communities. What we mean by "publication". Our own research based on data collected in the West Midlands in press revealed that there was significantly P. Rapid publication — most journals publish online ahead of print "online first". The ICMJE recommendations are long and comprehensive,.

content bmji submit rapid response