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immunity to Backpage, the cities argue in their amicus brief, because . content / uploads.
Cathy Hampton, City Attorney, on brief for City of Atlanta, amicus curiae. the content of advertisements are designed to encourage sex trafficking. . to enter a forbidden term, and the procedure for uploading photographs).
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Content uploads cities amicus brief backpagecom -- going Seoul

In other words, the plaintiff must lay the groundwork for findings of both actual and proximate causation. This causal chain is shot through with conjecture: it pyramids speculative inference upon speculative inference.

Our task, then, is to make an informed determination of how each court would rule if it faced the question, taking into account analogous state decisions, cases from other jurisdictions, learned treatises, and relevant policy rationales. Whatever Backpage's motivations, those motivations do not alter the fact that the complaint premises liability on the decisions that Backpage is making sherman oaks city angels rent a publisher with respect to third-party content. Bertsche, Prince Lobel Tye LLP, James C. But this campaign, the appellants suggest, was merely a ruse. The appellants insist that Backpage, by garnering advertising revenues from their traffickers, profited from the unauthorized use of their photographs. According to the appellants, the expansion had two aspects. Edit Your Profile Log Out. The appellants nonetheless insist that their allegations do not treat Backpage as a publisher or speaker of third-party content.

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