Forums topic hiding site title

forums topic hiding site title

I'd like to hide the site title and tag line from all pages including the Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if.
You will notice the title “ Forums ” in left side. How can I hide it? If I understand correctly, it is page title generated through wordpress. But how to.
I want to be able to hide the site title which comes up on my navigation bar, first need you to provide us with your URL as stated on the forum entrance page...

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Anonymous Not Logged In. That worked, thanks Kenneth. How to hide site title and tagline? Is there any code I can put in the CSS part of customizing my theme to hide the title but not the tagline?. This topic is resolved. Thank you for updating me. The guide is here KnowAll Theme Review: A Customer-Oriented Knowledge Base Theme. forums topic hiding site title

Works great, but I see it moved video gray panties top menu over a bit, how do I correct this? But it seems they're a packaged deal, you can disable header text, but that disables. However, I do want to display a tagline. Register or log in: Need help? The following will not work:. Buy a copy of X for access to our member center. Your site title and tagline are still crawl-able mohawkmolly huge dildo that way. Error: Please enter a valid email address Error: Please confirm your password Error: Password and password confirmation do not match.

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  • I was able to enter some code that hides both of these, but it shifted the rest of the page up is partially obscuring the background image at the top of my page.
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  • Ah, OK, I misunderstood.

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Please feel free to ask if further questions come up. Beaver Builder vs Divi. First off, take this out of your CSS. Enter your email to be the first to know about new theme releases. I changed the status to "not a support question so Syhir can add it back in.

forums topic hiding site title