Freelancers delete account

freelancers delete account

Profile -> Settings -> Account. You can close your account from here. But make sure you have no projects/amounts pending in the freelancer. If there is any.
Yes, I agree, it would be much better to have a way to delete your account online, but Freelancer don't always like to make everything easy for.
How To Terminate Your Account in One Minute. how to delete upwork account | [100....

Freelancers delete account journey Seoul

Thank you for your feedback and experience in this matter Lisa. Answer the short survey, then click Close my account.

freelancers delete account

I can confirm your account is now closed. Ensure all outstanding billing is paid within Upwork, "freelancers delete account". People may say, that everything is written in the fineprint somewhere — sure, but I have no time to read all. AccountKiller provides easy instructions to delete your account on most websites. Can I be both a freelancer doing work and a client hiring on Upwork?

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Freelancers delete account - journey

Having said that, I asked a question a few days ago and they replied within a few hours. Choose your user type.