Guess american woman lyrics

guess american woman lyrics

Lyrics and video for the song " American Woman " by The Guess Who.
American Woman This song is by The Guess Who and appears on the album American Woman on.
Lyrics to " American Woman " song by The Guess Who: American woman gonna mess your mind American woman, she gonna mess your mind Mm, American...

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We didn't have a draft system in Canada , and we were grateful for that. Sparkle someone else's eyes. I couldn't get the tone. Live at the Paramount. I'm gonna leave ya, woman. When Friends Fall Out. Bachman and Cummings probably just didn't want Canada to head down the same road as America, which is somewhat did.

Don't come a hangin' around my door. Anyway, gotta love Canada. American woman, said get away. I don't need your ghetto scenes. Gonna leave you, woman. THE GUESS WHO wiki monetazione pandosia - American Woman. American woman, stay away from me. Don't come a knockin' xvideos indian hidden maroc cgen my door.

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  • Tell you what I'm gonna. And nobody would have ever heard it again but there happened to be a kid bootlegging the show that night. Now woman, I said get away.
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We do not have any tags for American Woman lyrics. Skip to Site Navigation. Between the two shows, I was outside bartering with this kid, he had some old Gene Vincent records that I wanted to get for my collection and tried to strike up a deal with this guy. You're no good for me. You know I'm gonna leave. We were back in Canada, playing in the safety of Canada where the dance is full of draft dodgers who've all left the States". Running Back Thru Canada. Don't come a knockin' around my door.

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Coloured lights can hypnotize. He played it louder and Cummings improvised the lyrics to fit what Bachman was playing. I couldn't get the tone. You're no good for me. Because of its supposed anti-American lyrics, Pat Nixon asked that they not play "American Woman".