Hackers sexism defcon

hackers sexism defcon

Defcon isn't your typical tech conference. Happening in the heat of Las Vegas every summer, it attracts throngs of hackers -- this year.
Thank you so much for this article. It actually had examples and those are the best weapon women have against sexism /sexual harassment.
Female Hackers Battle Sexism to Get Ahead Dark Tangent, head of Defcon and a prominent male hacker, remembers a “scene whore” having videotaped sex....

Hackers sexism defcon tri easy

The problem starts at the top. It's a behavior, like being polite. I put it on my calendar. If you show up with an open mind and aren't afraid of everything and everyone, you'll meet and hang out with awesome smart people, generally have a good time, and probably learn a lot as well.
hackers sexism defcon

Hacking Raspberry Pi 2 - Exposing /etc/shadow at Defcon 24

Hackers sexism defcon - - tour fast

Or I'd call the police if I didn't trust local security to do anything, like is sometimes the case with campus police. Yeah, she gets hit on. Admittedly I am not from the US maybe things are different there , but I find this whole picture a bit hard to imagine.

hackers sexism defcon