Knowledgebase create custom search form

knowledgebase create custom search form

Last updated October 31, 2016 « Knowledge Base The process of creating a Supplemental Search Engine form is as straightforward as creating any form Page that will be used in conjunction with a custom theme template we will create.
Knowledge Base → Entries → Searching Entries → Create a Custom Search Form. Create a custom form to search, or filter, content within a.
You can add a search form in two ways: 1 In an "HTML module ", paste To learn how to create a custom sidebar, check this article: Creating...

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If you would like to use a Dynamic field in your search form which searches data from a non-Dynamic field, you may have duplicate values appear in the Dynamic field. Company and Product Info. If they're on the same page, you may want to hide the results until a search is performed. Select which property types to include in your search. The page will reload and redirect you to the "edit" form page. The text input name you can actually change to whatever you'd like, just be sure to make the necessary adjustments to your Google CSE code, so it knows to look for the query string by that variable name.

knowledgebase create custom search form

You can customize this list to better represent your market area. There are a few different ways to publish your search form and results View. I couldn't find if this Quick Find View is used for Articles. Remove blank fields from search URL. If you have not done so already, create a View that is connected to the Data Form. Click on "Edit" in order to setup the new search form you have just created. No taxonomies available to choose with multiple post types. Restricting the indexing to particular user roles. To display the search result in the same page as the search form choose "Same Page" from the select box. Modify display order, name, and price range as desired. Search form - setup the search forms. Now We have restyled the dsIDXpress Search From according to the latest update of its plugin. The locator button will get the user's current location and submit the search form based of the location .

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  • You can customize this default information so that it best matches the needs of your target audience.
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I just want to know if there is a possibility of adding custom fields to KB Articles and add them to Search Picklist. Before you can create a search form, you must first activate at least one of the basic add-ons that comes with GEO my WP - Post Types and Friends Locator.

knowledgebase create custom search form