Local politics school bonds column

local politics school bonds column

The seemingly mundane matter of issuing bonds to build and fix schools has suddenly morphed into a bubbling stew of highly contentious politics. the existing pool of school bond money is virtually exhausted, and when it's gone, local . Dan Walters' column appears in dozens of California newspapers.
But only if you aren't familiar with local politics. board members their constituents don't trust the district enough to pass school bonds this fall.
It would leave the two schools left off the first local bond in the funding process and an unpredictable future political environment at City Hall.

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Leake and residents of west Charlotte have called for new buildings for West Charlotte High and Bruns Academy to be added to the package. Adopting these seven criteria to evaluate bonds will go a long way towards ensuring that bond debt is approved by informed voters, and that the proceeds serve the people, especially the students, instead of special interests.
local politics school bonds column

Video courtesy of the California Channel. Many school districts have new bond measures on the ballot every two years. The mandan hillside storage of reapplying to the state for funding may seem alluring on its surface. If you learn that a bond will be considered, alert friends and neighbors to the fact that property taxes may be going up and encourage them to join you in attending the local board meetings at which the bond is discussed. We might permanently block any user who abuses these conditions. Public employee labor unions such the powerful California Teachers Association, which would ordinarily back a school bond, are worried that its presence on the November ballot could undermine their efforts to persuade voters to extend temporary income taxes on the wealthy, another multibillion-dollar issue. Beware: There's a big phishing scam spreading through Google Docs. Ethan Croce is a resident of Local politics school bonds column. More money, more options. That's generally a wise policy in the abstract. Obviously, there are times when the legitimate capital needs of a school district justify a request to voters to assume debt in the form of a school bond. Caption Protest music in the era of Trump Music and American politics have a long intertwined history. This year, there was some effort to negotiate a compromise on a smaller bond. Read or Post Comments. And you know what's coming. Music and American politics have a long intertwined history. To participate, you must follow our Terms of Use, local politics school bonds column. This is not a rhetorical question.

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To help them generate the money, the governor also wants to raise the legal limit on local bond debt, jack up housing developer fees and use maintenance money to fund construction. She and Leake were starting to poll the school board when others broke in, noting that would mean jumping the new projects past several others with higher rankings, which would likely alienate additional voters. Music and American politics have a long intertwined history. Costs of issuance are another area where abuse occurs.

local politics school bonds column