London hero casually rescues

london hero casually rescues

London Hero Casually Rescues Cat, Goes About His Business. Gizmodo UK - 38 minutes ago . Footage from London's Royal Docks shows the world's most.
Felix, the official office cat of the Royal Docks Management Authority (RoDMA) in London, was, erm, gallantly running away from another cat.
Passer-By Saves A Drowning Cat Called Felix At London's Royal Docks. Not all heroes wear capes. Graeme Demianyk Night News..

London hero casually rescues travel easy

Europol discovered jihadist online platform during internet crackdown. London is on the hunt for a mystery man who turned into an absolute bloody hero when a cat's life was in the balance. Lamar Odom to star in new reality show 'about his recovery': source. Kim Dotcom's lawyer watches the new film about his client at the SXSW premiere. Ben Affleck Opens Up About His Troubled Past And Reveals His Standalone Batman... Do you want to stay up to date of all the news about Business?

london hero casually rescues

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid seem to be completely over, but that hasn't stopped either of them from talking about their. Felix had been in a scrap with a rival cat on the banks of the river Thames and lost his footing. Manchester United boss has repeatedly complained about fixture congestion. Ben McCormack warned about his interest in dating teen men. This is one such example. CCTV sweetness: Boys decide to 'do the right thing' when they find money. And after this heroic sacred yoni massage couples event, he simply picks up his bag and continues on his way like nothing even happened. Not all heroes wear capes. He's known for being a keyboard warrior with his opinionated tweets. VIDEO: Oldies going the wrong way on an escalator is a demonstration of the power of denial. Footage from London's Royal Docks shows the world's most casual hero saving a cat from drowning in the River Thames. On social media, he was universally hailed a hero. Watch Rob Kardashian Spill The Tea About His Sex Life With Blac Chyna Video, london hero casually rescues. The two black-and-white cats are scrapping before tumbling towards the water, with Felix falling in to pictures selfie reflection fails river. Lamar Odom london hero casually rescues star in new reality show 'about his recovery': source. While the television show released a teaser trailer shortly after the basketball star entered rehab, on Friday The Doctors released a. CCTV captured the moment Felix, the London Royal Docks Management Authority's office cat, fell into the River Thames while being being chased by another feline. The first wave of attacks reportedly hit journalists, businesses and universities, later spreading to other users. Justin Bieber plans an exciting announcement soon!

Travel fast: London hero casually rescues

  • Felix, the Royal Docks Management Authority's cat, was captured on CCTV video fleeing from another feline. Felix, The Royal Docks Management Authority's office cat was knocked into the drink during a nasty scuffle with an enemy cat. Someone buy that man a cup of tea please.
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