Market geekery silly humor

market geekery silly humor

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Ultimately, the joke is that Orion women are in charge, not slaves, but enslavers, probably putting themselves on the open market to take control of targeted buyers. It's more of that "magical daydream" stuff, and a little silly, but it does create a few humorous moments. When the Siskoid's Blog of Geekery.
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But Groupon stays away from that sort of humor. I'm sure some see Bound as a sort of homage to the sexual mores of the TOS era, and as such, just as juvenile as those attitudes were when tongue was not squarely pressed in cheek.

market geekery silly humor

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Grammar-related: What on earth are we to do about the spreading misuse of "literally" and who is to blame for this? Green Eyed Monster in Pink Nose Warmer, Halloween, Trick or Treat, Nose Cozy, Teen, Adult, Nose Mitten, Party Favor, Gag Gift, Unisex Mom. Rather, we've begun using it as an emphasis word. You may have a point that a preventative sounds a little better, but I still think I'd choose the same form for both parts of speech -- and stick with the shorter one. We recognize it as an emphasizer.

market geekery silly humor

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