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In the end, I am trying to return the ' Product Version' of (in order to avoid using broken return code). I can use Shell.

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I can't write a NameSpace path into the script since it will run on different computers and could be in one or more directories listed in the system PATH environment variable. Server and Tools Blogs. I just finished reading your article. Private Cloud Certification MCSE.

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The survey will appear here when you've completed your visit, so please do not close this window. My backup plan is to use the program to find the full path to, return it to my vbs script using Exec and extract the path to use as NameSpace in the code above. I also posted this question on Stackoverflow. I'm surprised it's not already implemented in FileSystemObject or valjevoturizam.infoation. Home Library Wiki Learn Gallery Downloads Support Forums Blogs. Here's some sample VBScript code to get you started:. I guess it came later. Marked as answer by.