Products christmas alaska

products christmas alaska

Alaskan wild berry jams and jellies, delicious chocolates, smoked salmon, ulu knives, souvenirs, gifts, and gift baskets from Anchorage! + Reindeer sausage.
Here's a list of over 40 unique Alaskan made products you can have ornaments for Christmas and as decorative pieces for your home.
Providing the best photographs from Alaska's top resident photographers to help us produce the very best Most of our products are not found outside Alaska....

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They also have gift packs! Be sure to check out the Echo Lake Meats wide variety of Alaska themed gift packages. Brown sugar, cayenne pepper sauce, garlic, sesame oil, and sea salt are some of the primary ingredients in their sauce … completely natural and qualified as vegan. Pictured is Simon, the psychic loon. View all Local Store Sales. Alaska Artisanal All Rights Reserved.
products christmas alaska

Featuring a wide range of locally made products, look out for leather goods made by store owner Mikey Huff. These beautiful creatures naturally shed during the spring, and the fur is hand knitted into garments that are eight times warmer than wool and extremely lightweight. Alaska Pocket Checkbook Calendar, see the CALENDARS page. His name was Simon, products christmas alaska. Alaska Rug Company also makes coasters, decorative letters and numbers, wall plaques, and even earrings and bracelets featuring fishing rope! In fact, the biggest challenge is not to overcook them luckily, getting the hang of it is easy!