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OT Policy on picking up waitresses at Hooters / Twin Peaks . - And all restaurants similar? Have any OTers dropped the digits? ETA: I know.
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How Twin Peaks out-hootered Hooters. Twin Peaks is one of those places, where the waitresses are scantily clad and the clientele are . to Hooters, he picked up the phone and called Randy Dewitt, CEO of Twin Peaks. . The Secret Site For Ebooks That's Almost Too Good to BelieveThe Book Insider..

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It is not really whether or not anyone drank, but whether or not a member of the public said we drank. That discovery would be considered the intellectual property of your employer in many workplaces that have contracts. All she did was be pleasant, take our orders, and bring the food and drinks. The HR group certainly did it in spades. Read many of the numerous other comments here detailing their business practices, particularly as it pertains to their own descriptions of their company. ETA: I know they are meant to flirt and be "your friend".

I can see your point. It's their job to flirt with you. And the reason Walmart. I eat frequently at TGIF and very rarely get any alcohol. There is NO way that would have happened unless somebody was getting very defensive about their choice. There was even a recent-ish sexual discrimination suit against Wal-Mart in part for requiring managers to attend meetings at Hooters as well as strip clubs, among other problemswhich went all the way to the U. Who wants their kids thinking treating women like meat is just a normal thing to do? We are supposed to wear our government uniforms at work related events. But yea, you're probably right, she was in to me.

Twin Peaks taps ex-Hooters execs for franchises

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Not every problem can be solved. Seriously — where would you even eat then? I am well under retirement age and I personally remember when it was perfectly legal for partnerships like law firms to openly refuse to promote women, and for women to have to fight tooth and nail to be treated equally by financial institutions — even after the laws changed. In many cases a disliked ethnic, religious or racial group is deliberately penalized by the majority element acting through the democratic process. Though our server was really nice and courteous, I was startled whenever she came to our table. You have to have a group buy in for your crowd. It only took the one time. Going with a group to any restaurant that a few people have objections and telling the objectors sp?

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It is baked in. I was wondering if this is a location thing. I do not have the type of job where I am required to be a body in case a phone rings, for example, where I can see this possibly being fine.