Science cambodia karsts plants

science cambodia karsts plants

to collect and document rare plant life at Cambodian limestone cliffs The cliffs, or karsts, were a cluster of coral reefs before waters in the.
Philippine Journal of Science 147. in Cambodia: dak koum, dos koum in China: mao guo xi ye teng, xi ye teng in India: Mirbel; Callitris articulata H. Karst.; Callitris articulata Gordon; Callitris articulata Hort. ex Gordon; Callitris.
Science, Environment, Space and Cosmos. Sign up for the . The "Dr. Seuss- type plants " of Cambodia's karsts can never be recreated..

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This discovery illustrates why IUCN chose to prioritize this botanical survey: the karst landscapes of Cambodia are a largely unstudied ecosystem characterized by the survival of highly specialized life forms that don't exist anywhere else on the planet. Animals and plants found on karsts are seriously underrepresented in lists of endangered species, "in part as a result of undersampling and data deficiency," the team writes... The plants and animals on these hills have to cope with extreme conditions: very thin or no top soil, substrate that is rich in calcium and iron but with very low general fertility, very little standing or running water, and often low shade on the karst surface. The world's smallest mammal, the bumblebee bat, is found exclusively in a small number of karst caves in Thailand. Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

science cambodia karsts plants

IUCN Red List of Ecosystems. McDonald, making clear that there is much more to be found in these mountains. But the true figure is likely to be far higher. Species Survival Commission SSC. The only forest that survives now resides on the inaccessible slopes of the karst hills. World Commission on Environmental Law WCEL. Rapid economic growth has created a high demand for cement and these hills form some of Cambodia's few limestone resources.

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Som Art, the local guide who knows the area like the back of his hand, said that these fields used to be forest once. Small and isolated karsts should not be mined, as they are more likely to harbor unique plants and animals... SPACE PHOTOS THIS WEEK: Tiny Galaxy, Sun's Iron, More. West and Central Africa. Stuck Mars Rover About to Die? Printer Friendly Email to a Friend.. Southern Asia: Profiles, Maps, and More.

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