Thai civil commercial code agency section

thai civil commercial code agency section

Thai law translation Civil Code | Thailand Civil and Commercial Code Subject to the provisions of Section 802, if it is necessary for the agent with general.
Civil law in Thailand laws Tenancy (rental, lease) laws, employment laws, laws governing loans, deposit suretyship, mortgage, sections on agency, brokerage.
A commission agent is a person who, in the course of his business undertakes to buy sell property or undertakes any other commercial transaction in his own..

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Legal Videos and Podcasts. The appointment of liquidators is decided by a majority of votes of the partners. The lender may claim the return of the property earlier, if so much time has elapsed that the borrower might have made the use of it. If in such case the hirer cannot with the remaining part accomplish the purpose for which he entered the contract of hire, he may terminate.
thai civil commercial code agency section

The provisions of paragraph one shall apply to a contractual acknowledgment of liability in writing and to the giving of security by the debtor, but it cannot be referred against the former surety. If the agent has used for his own benefit money which ought to have handed over to the principal or to have used for the principal, he must pay interest thereon from the day when he used it for his own benefit. The appointment of new directors of the association of the alteration thereof shall be made in accordance with the regulations of the association and must be registered by the Registrar at the Registrar Office where the principal office of the association is situated within thirty days from the date of such appointment or alteration of the directors of the association. If a declaration of fictitious intention under paragraph one is made to conceal another juristic act, the provisions of law relating to the concealed act shall apply. A partner can take advantage against third persons of any right acquired by the registered partnership, thai civil commercial code agency section, even though his name did not appear in the transaction.

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If an objection is raised, the partnership may not proceed with the amalgamation unless it has satisfied the claim given a security for it. If the capital of the partnership has been reduced by losses, no dividend or interest may be distributed to partners with limited liability until the said losses have been made good.

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A person who is bound to return a thing of which he has deprived another by a wrongful act is also responsible for the accidental destruction of the thing, or for accidental impossibility of returning it arising from any other cause, or for its accidental deterioration, unless destruction or the impossibility of returning it or the deterioration would have happened even if the wrongful act had not been committed. No alterations of and additions to the regulations of an association may be made, except by a resolution of the general meeting. If the transaction is required to be evidenced by writing, the appointment of an agent for such transaction must also be evidenced by writing. The creditors of a limited partnership have no action against the partners with limited liability as long as the partnership is not dissolved. The commission agent shall report his activities to the principal, and upon execution of the commission, shall inform the principal without delay. This applies even if one of the creditors has already brought an action for the performance. SEA Treaty of Amity.

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