Trafficking documentary

trafficking documentary

Series 1. Filmed over 12 months, this three-part observational documentary series tells the story of Britain's biggest police operation against sex trafficking.
Documentarian Mary Mazzio talks to PEOPLE about her new documentary, I am Jane Doe, on the sex trafficking industry.
“Finding Home is a unique documentary about trafficking, as the stories go far beyond the actual trafficking experiences. Finding Home shows in depth the...

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Online classified advertising services have made it possible for pimps and operators to offer children and adolescents to prospective customers with little or no risk. Flooding Threats Continues in South and Midwest US. Traffickers engage in constant recruiting to entice women and children into their web of control. Each of these three young women has a unique story with unique hurdles to overcome. It is not a documentary. SIGN UP FOR E-UPDATES.

trafficking documentary

From the Amazing Grace Movie website. Buy it or watch it at Cargo: Innocence Lost. Inspired by the harrowing true story of Chong Kim, EDEN peers into the darkest corners of America and attempts to discover the humanity. Order a copy for personal use or a screening from Women Make Movies. When a sixteen-year-old girl from the Ukraine, a single mother from Russia, an orphaned seventeen-year-old girl from Romania, and a twelve-year-old American tourist topic bubba dowell the victims of international sex slave traffickers, a specialized team of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE struggles to expose the worldwide network that has enslaved. Intimate, harrowing and revealing, it is a story trafficking documentary by the young women who were supposed to be silenced by shame, fear and violence. A real human trafficking story. Representatives for and its executives have said a federal law protects them from third-party posters to the site. Visit the website These are films, movies, and documentaries about modern-day slavery, human trafficking, and the dangers of pornography. Both have since been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize, trafficking documentary. It tells the story of a policewoman who begins a search for a young orphan who she had rescued from her uncle who was going o sell her into slavery, The girl is placed in an orphanage and goes missing one day.


Trafficking documentary - - expedition

Find out more and join the fight. Stay updated via RSS. Documentaries are nonfiction and made with the intention of displaying reality for historical purposes and to educate viewers. From the Not For Sale Film website. The only part in the movie I can remember was they were keeping the kids in a hotel and shackled to the floor. Term limits mean be damned. You will be shocked, outraged, brought to tears. Gather your friends, watch the film, and together take action.

trafficking documentary