Turkish ships escort pire reis research vessel near greek cypriot zone

Piri Reis Turkish Ship Close to Cypriot Gas Search Zone by Naharnet Newsdesk A Turkish exploration ship is searching for gas and oil " close.
Turkish Cypriot dailies over the weekend focus on Piri Reis ? Turkey's seismic research ship - sailing from Izmir in order to conduct oil research in the Under the title "'We will do whatever we want'", Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris He claimed that the Greek Cypriots realized that these warnings were serious.
Turkish research ship Piri Reis set sail on Friday for the There was no sign of a Turkish naval escort for the Piri Reis and its 10 crew as the vessel set out, although Regional tension rose after Cyprus's Greek Cypriot government year to create exclusive economic zones in the waters between them..

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The current picture shows which side prevents the island. You may not post attachments. The study results would be analyzed and they could sail again to the possible determined places of gas outlets to drill one or two meters under the surface, he said. NEW TYPE LST CLASS. Turkey is no longer a dependable strategic ally of Israel. Meanwhile, the Turkish government wishes to bring the Cyprus government to the table to ensure such a revenue-sharing agreement is signed before the actual exploration and extraction starts.

Piri Reis departed from her homeport and is heading towards Cyprus. Dr Huseyin Avni Benli, director of Dokuz Eylul University's Naval. Eight of them were armed. Warships of the United States, Russia and Great Britain are also present in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The MV Chariot, which set off from St Petersburg in early December, was forced to pull into the Greek Cypriot port of Limassol because of stormy seas. Finally, to close the morning, the helicopter performed a basketful SAR winching a diver aboard Surcouf and different maneuvers aviation.


Turkish ships escort pire reis research vessel near greek cypriot zone -- going cheap

Greek Cyprus marked out its EEZ following agreements with Egypt, Israel. Cypriots before they started the exploration for oil and natural gas,. Under the title: "Our message is: solution, solution, solution", Turkish.