Wiki wikipediamanual style images

wiki wikipediamanual style images

The Manual of Style (abbreviated as MoS or MOS) is the style manual for all Wikipedia .. Headings should not contain images, such as flag icons or.
[[ Image:La familia de Carlos IV, Francisco de|thumb|[[Francisco Goya]], ' 'Charles IV of Spain and His.
Main page: Wikipedia:Manual of Style / Images. Images should ideally be spread evenly within the article, and relevant to the sections...

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Trivia may be a useful section in a film article, as it can serve as a "Miscellaneous" area for important facts not just fan facts that may not yet fit easily elsewhere. He is the current ambassador to...

Between paragraphs—as between sections—there should be a single blank line and the first line of each paragraph is not indented. While Wikipedia does not prefer any national variety of English, within a given article the conventions of one particular variety should be followed consistently. Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. Teahouse online dating england morecambe personals help for new editors. These names are often credited as the owner or copyright holder for objects or pictures in art books. If such sources are available, it is helpful to provide. If something is not substantiated in the article, or would involve over-simplification, it should not be included in the infobox. The Oxford Guide to Style OGSalong with its companion the Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors available in one volume as Oxford Style Manual. See proper right for ways berlin kein hardcore fuer harten jungs jvategel verbietet porno splatterfilme unambiguously describing right and left in images. Wiki wikipediamanual style images page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. Art movements, periods, and styles : "The question of whether to capitalize or lowercase is one of the most common in the field of art history and one of the most difficult in which to attain any agreement. The first paragraph of the lead section should also escort companions international colombia cali the director and the star or stars of the film. Wikipedia:Picture of the day is an image appropriate gift renewal is automatically updated each day with an image from the list of featured pictures. This is referred to as the principle of minimal change. When possible, find better images and improve captions rather than simply remove poor or inappropriate ones, wiki wikipediamanual style images, especially on pages with few visuals. Do not omit text where doing so would remove important context or alter the meaning of the text. In the past, film articles have sometimes displayed taglines in the lead or standalone sections.

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Measurements should always be given for a work that is the article subject, but are not usually needed in captions see that section , unless there is a particular point being made, or the size of the object might be thought to be radically different from the real size. But She said, "I'm feeling carefree. If more than one historical name is applicable for a given context, the other names should be added after the modern English name, that is: "historical name modern name, other historical names ". Here the ranges are ranges of numbers, dates, or times. If information in a list, infobox , or other non-navigational content seems extraneous or trivial enough to inspire pre-collapsing it, consider raising a discussion on the article or template talk page about whether it should be included at all. A page's mobile version can also be accessed by changing the in the address bar to and loading that version of the URL. If the information is important and the concern is article density or length, consider dividing the article into more sections , integrating unnecessarily list-formatted information into the article prose, or splitting the article. Images with any license restricting commercial use or the creation of derivative works may not be used on Wikipedia.

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DUBAI ESCORT SERVICE MASSAGE INDIAN PAKISTANI AGENCY What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Wikidata item. Mentioning to discuss grammar, wording, punctuation. Write US or U. If you find an exceptionally good image, you are encouraged to nominate it as a Wikipedia:Featured picture candidate. Where there is good reason to change the wording, enclose changes within square brackets for example, [her father] replacing himwhere the context identifying "him" is not included in the quotation: "Ocyrhoe told [her father] his fate".